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Diet for belly fat weight loss

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diet for belly fat weight loss

Ideals of beauty in all people are different, but the sports flat stomach is always beautiful. It’s not just beautiful; it’s also healthy. If you are thinking about a cute belly only today, then it’s time to pay attention to a diet for a flat stomach. We must immediately say that the diet for belly fat weight loss itself is only part of the process of losing weight, an additional and no less critical stage are sports exercises that allow burning extra, already earned calories.


So it will be easier to fix the result so that after the diet, the extra pounds do not return at the same speed as they disappeared, or even faster. The feeling of hunger can become so intense that, in addition to the previous kilograms, new ones added. Diet and sport should be the principle of life, not a short-term inclusion diet for belly fat weight loss.


The task for the first stage is to burn fat in the waist and side areas. To do this, you just need to adjust the work of the digestive tract properly. In this case, you will need to eat mainly foods that contain a significant amount of fiber, often in small portions. Such a diet has an unambiguous name – a diet for a flat stomach. The rules are simple – there is little to eat, break down the consumption of food for a large number of receptions and drink plenty of water. Healthy diet and exercise, plus normalization of the intestine – will do their job.


Beer and alcohol

Before starting a diet for belly fat weight loss two main factors should be eliminated: alcohol and smoking. This affects the normal metabolism, which can not be established with the constant use of alcohol. After all, alcohol is a derivative of sugar, which is the first way to increase fat in the stomach. And all kinds of beer also contain alcohol, and besides that, even the female hormone estrogen. That’s why men with beer belly acquire feminine features – looseness of the figure, an increase in the volume in the chest and a large soft layer of fat around the waist.


diet for belly fat weight loss

You have to drink as much water as possible. This is the factor that will help bring the abdomen into a normal flat state. With the participation of water in the body, metabolism improves. To accelerate the process, it is better to use thawed water. It helps to clear lymph and burn fat much faster. Freeze 1 liter of water in a plastic sachet and thaw it the next day. Drink during the day. Green tea with a spoonful of honey is also useful.


Diet for weight loss belly – what products you can eat
For a flat stomach, you need to choose that diet, which provides frequent meals nine not less than five times a day. Remember that the protein needs in the body for healthy functioning, in small quantities. That is why at least two times a week, protein foods should be present in the diet for belly fat weight loss program. It can be a fish with a vegetable garnish, occasionally (once a week) you can afford white chicken meat. Over dinner, eat two chicken proteins and orange. Nutritionists are advised to include in the diet, seeds, and nuts, but not more than 50 grams per day, so as not to overload the kidneys. Well, help burn fat dishes based on buckwheat, kefir, rice. As a dressing for salads, you can have vegetable oil, the best option is olive oil.


Diet for weight loss belly – what foods cannot eat
First of all, the threat to a beautiful belly is sweet and fatty foods. You need to exclude unconditionally. The body will quickly clear of the slag; the fat will disappear, the waist will become thinner. Also, it is necessary to refuse salad dressings with sour cream and mayonnaise to fully comply with the diet for weight loss belly

Diet for belly fat weight loss for a week

1st day
Breakfast: dried bread (1-2) sliced tomato, apple (1 piece), yogurt (1 glass).
Lunch: chicken leg without skin, salad – as much as you want. Bread, wholewheat only
Afternoon snack: watercress cooked in the form of melancholy with black bread, boiled beans (two spoons). Dinner: stew the cauliflower and bake tomatoes, apple. As a filling, it’s good to use honey and currants – 1 teaspoonful.


Diet for belly fat weight loss

2nd day
Breakfast: low-calorie sausage, mushrooms crispy bread and a bit of jam.
Lunch: 50 grams of cheese, several grapes, salad.
Snack: wholewheat roll and apple.
Dinner: young bake potatoes, fish, and zucchini. You can add green beans and broccoli.


3rd day
Breakfast: boil 2 soft-boiled eggs, toast.
Lunch: a slice of melon, a salad, a bread cut piece, several spoons of beans.
Snack: a banana mixed with dietary yogurt.
Dinner: prepare any low-calorie dish and complement it with roasted tomatoes and green beans.


4th day
Breakfast: bake in an oven a slice of bread with bran with homemade cheese and tomato.
Lunch: fresh roll with salad, ham. An Apple.
Snack: fish (tuna) crispy bread and lettuce (as much as you want).
Dinner: roasted lamb. Puree from potatoes and orange. Boiled cauliflower.


5th day
Breakfast: one banana, toasted flakes with bran.
Lunch: mixed salad of vegetables, shrimp (80-100 grams), pear.
Afternoon snack: bake tomatoes with boiled beans.
Dinner: boil 2 spoons of beans, fish sticks (4 pcs.), Decorate with green peas.


6th day
Breakfast: a slice of melon with natural yogurt.
Lunch: steak with a low-fat bun, 1 fruit (orange, pear, etc.)
Snack: a few small tomatoes, lean soup, and crispy thin bread.
Dinner: boil pasta, served with sauce and canned vegetables. Add 100 grams of boiled chicken, banana.


Day 7th
Breakfast: prepare a fruit salad with banana apple and pear.
Lunch: a real American sandwich: bread with lettuce leaves, from above low-fat cold meat, a top layer of filling – cabbage salad. Additionally half kiwi.
Snack: vegetables – peas, tomatoes, greens with boiled pasta.
Dinner: fry onion in vegetable oil until soft, add canned tomatoes. Grated celery root and chicken breast.

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