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Detox diet for weight loss

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Detox diet for weight loss increase the immune system, lose weight and slow down the aging process. Learn detox recipes, as well as ways to speed up the loss of excess fat, and lose weight by 2 pounds per day!


Detox diet for weight loss
Being exposed to toxic substances, we have many chronic ailments, an unattractive figure, and depression. But there is a solution – from time to time it is necessary to conduct a course of detoxification. Many international celebrities have repeatedly praised the detox diet for weight loss.


The essence of the detox diet for weight loss is as follows: many products cause the body more harm than good. Therefore, in order not to get sick and lose those extra pounds, you need to get rid of accumulated toxins. (1, 2, 3)


The cleaning process is a robust measure that requires titanic willpower because you have to restrain yourself during the detox diet program. Immediately tune in to serious work, because, as nutritionists promise, a course of purification will not only get rid of unwanted pounds but will make you beautiful, glowing from the inside.



Benefits of the detox diet for weight loss

Are cleansing weight loss programs as good as they are said to be? Of course, if you accurately organize a sequence of detoxification and follow it. Here is what you get as a result:

Increase the amount of energy. Followers of many detox diet for weight loss notice that they feel an influx of energy. (1, 2, 3)


From the point of view of medicine, this statement makes good sense, since you have closed the access of toxic substances to the body. Remove sugar, caffeine, trans fats from the diet, start eating fruits and vegetables – this will provide a natural boost of energy.



Get rid of excess weight. A detox diet for weight loss system is a great way to lose weight in the short term. But if you adhere to the basic principles, get rid of bad habits, expose your body to physical stress, then the lost pounds will not return.


Strengthen immunity. A diet of fruits, vegetables, and cereals is a rich source of vitamins. The body will receive nutrients, in particular vitamin C, will strengthen the lymphatic system.


It has improved skin condition. One of the effective ways to detox is a sauna. The skin will become smooth, radiant; acne will disappear.


Healthy hair. In many cases, after a detox diet for weight loss, the hair becomes smooth, shiny, soft and pleasant to the touch. The processes of age changes will slow down. By reducing the number of radicals that damage the body, life expectancy increases. After the end of the detox diet for weight loss, it is essential not to return to the old way of life. (1, 2, 3)


For cleansing

The ancestor of the cleansing nutrition programs is considered to be the Austrian doctor Felix Mayr, therapeutist and dietician of the Karlovy Vary hospital. At the end of the 19th century, he first invented the body cleansing system. The techniques of Dr. Myra included physical therapy, water treatments, massage, fruit diets. These techniques have become fundamental for modern detoxification systems.


To detox course, in addition to diet, including the following activities:

intestinal cleansing with a solution;
lymphatic system;
hydro colon therapy (lavage of the large intestine);
blood purification;
cleansing of the gallbladder and liver;
water treatments.


Detox diet for weight loss


Your task is to unload the body, make it turn on internal reserves. At this stage of the detox diet for weight loss, the main food will be products of plant origin with sufficient fiber content: oatmeal, buckwheat, vegetables, seeds, unsweetened fruits, greens, wheat germ.


Any detox diet for weight loss although it helps to lose a few pounds, is primarily aimed at improving the body. In youth, the metabolic processes proceed without hesitation, the food is completely digested, the state of health is excellent. But after 25 – the digestive system becomes more capricious, problems with health, skin, and weight begin.


Adhering to the general recommendations for detoxification, you cleanse the body of toxic substances, and as a result – lose those extra pounds. The main thing is to observe the correct lifestyle so that the weight dropped during the diet is not a short-term result. (1, 2, 3)


Despite the usefulness of the detox diet for weight loss, it is not recommended to start detoxification to the following persons:

pregnant and lactating mothers;
persons under the age of 18;
people who have Crohn’s disease;
with gastritis, lupus, and arthritis.


Also, detox should be avoided by athletes who are facing heavy competition. The rest can comply with such a power system, after consulting with a doctor. As Hollywood nutritionist, Oz Garcia says, life in a megacity is already a reason for a cleansing diet. Moreover, if you suffer from incomprehensible back pain or headaches, your nails become brittle, allergies torment you, and your hair does not fit or falls out. The detox diet for weight loss is an emergency aid for the normalization of the disturbed metabolism when the body is already “on the verge.”


Detox diet for weight loss
Starting a cleansing course is best after long holidays when the temptation to eat something high in calories is high, there is no confidence in the quality of the products on the table. Ideally, you should repeat the detox diet for weight loss regularly, every 3-4 months.


The preparatory phase of the diet takes at least 3-4 weeks. At this time, eliminate from the diet dishes with a large number of calories. Gradually reduce the consumption of fatty, salty, fried foods. One and a half weeks before the start of the course, go to food of plant origin. (1, 2, 3)


The detox diet for weight loss should consist of oatmeal porridge, buckwheat, vegetables, herbs, and unsweetened fruit. If the course lasts more than 7 days, once a week, dishes from lean fish, poultry, light goat cheese are allowed.

To get used to this mode, start with frequent snacks, eat in small portions, but after 8 pm you need to forget about food. During the preparatory period should exclude alcohol, sweet flour products. However, the same requirements and during the detox diet for weight loss.



The detox program is best started before the weekend. If you combine it with other cleaning methods, then at this time it is worth taking a vacation or, in extreme cases, time off – you will need a long sleep, rest and a calm atmosphere. Your body will be grateful to you.


After successfully preparing the body for detox, follow the simple rules that will help extract maximum vivacity, energy and lose weight.


The first principle of the detox diet for weight loss – remove from the diet all products that have undergone mechanical processing. Indeed, during the day we eat processed food. If it once contained nutrients, then they definitely disappeared during the production process. Instead, sugar or fat was added to the products to improve the taste. Such supplements harm the body. Carefully study the labels, composition, to ensure the naturalness of the ingredients. (1, 2, 3)



The next step is to exclude food that does not carry nutritional value. This means that if the product does not supply nutrients, then it becomes a supplier of other, much less useful, substances – calories. Thus, avoid the use of effervescent beverages, cookies, chips, cakes.


The third principle of the detox diet for weight loss is getting rid of bad habits. You must give up alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, and sugar. A detoxification course helps to hear the needs of your body and give it everything you need.


Every morning, start with a glass of lemon water on an empty stomach. It is not recommended to use mono-detox diets (on kefir, on rice), since they are unbalanced and, in theory, can harm the body. It is better to diversify the diet and include vegetables, fruits, herbs, asparagus, sea kale. Eating fruits is necessary 20 minutes before the main meal; this will prevent the process of fermentation in the stomach. (1, 2, 3)


Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. Half an hour before meals – a portion of warm water or a cup of green tea, the same thing – 30 minutes after a meal. Before lunch, you need to drink half the prescribed liquid, and the next liter – no later than 7 pm. If in the evening, during a diet, you are thirsty, drink no more than 200 ml of water 3 hours before sleep.



Avoid products that your body does not tolerate (for example, due to lactose deficiency, allergies or other medical reports). Even if you don’t remember those, pay attention to your body. If as a result of the use of a certain product bloating appears, gas and indigestion – it should be excluded. During the meal should be kept calm, peaceful atmosphere. Do not rush, chew each piece thoroughly.


It is better to go on a detox diet for weight loss in the first phase of the female cycle, ideally – on the 3rd or 5th day. In the second phase, the processes of formation of fat deposits and fluid retention take place – these days the effect of detox will be zero.


Do yoga or light stretching exercises. Accelerate the removal of toxins during a diet and trips to the bath or sauna. Vegetable sources of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Plants contain all the beneficial substances necessary for the healthy functioning of the human body. If you plan to follow a cleansing diet, pay attention to the following herbal products:


sprouted grains of buckwheat, oats, quinoa, and millet;
vegetables (including dark green), mushrooms, pepper, and yams;
legumes and lentils;
raw nuts and hemp, almond, pumpkin seeds;


oat groats;
brown rice;


Vegetable fats:

Coconut oil.


Detox diet for weight loss


Foods that should be excluded from a detox diet for weight loss

During the cleansing course, it is necessary to refuse such products:

dairy products and eggs;
mayonnaise and butter;
grains of maize, wheat (not germinated), kamut, rye, triticale, barley;
oranges, corn;
animal protein: pork, beef, veal, sausages, canned foods;
vegetable protein: soy products (soy sauce, soy oil, tofu, soy milk, soy yogurt);
peanuts and peanut butter;
alcohol, caffeine;
white and brown sugar, honey, high fructose corn syrup;
chocolate, ketchup, sauce, teriyaki.


Menu of detox diet for weight loss

Menu for 3 days
In theory, a detox can last from one to 10 days. The best is a three-day plan once a month. Purification by a special food system gives a powerful impetus to the metabolism, and you will feel completely different. Ailments and fatigue will be gone. If for the period of the three-day course of purification it is not possible to cancel the work, it is recommended to spend the second day during the weekend (this is the strongest on a shake-up day of the detox diet). (1, 2, 3)


1st day

Breakfast: 200 ml of freshly squeezed juice (not orange) plus fruit/berries. Citrus fruits are excluded from the diet because of aggressive acid for an empty stomach. The amount of fruit should be such to eat. You can combine different varieties of berries.



Lunch: a glass of freshly squeezed juice, but from other fruits. Try a mix: half a beet and an apple, three celery stalks, ginger. Another option: carrots, garlic, and cucumber. When preparing a cocktail, it is better not to take more than 4 ingredients to prevent gas formation. With vegetables, it is recommended to mix only one fruit – green apple.


Dinner: chopped steamed vegetables plus about 300 ml of soup. To take different vegetables, little by little: cauliflower, zucchini, broccoli, corn. Season with apple cider vinegar and sprinkle with a mixture of spices. Prepare the soup as follows: pour dry algae with boiling water and ½ tsp. grated ginger, add a few drops of lime juice and miso paste. Another version of the soup: boil a bunch of parsley in a blender and strain. Also, season with lime or apple cider vinegar. (1, 2, 3)


2nd day (remove solid food)

Breakfast: juice.
Lunch: 250 ml of soup.
Tea time: juice.
Dinner: 500 ml of soup.


3rd day (out of detox)
Eat fresh cookies instead of fresh fruit in the morning. Lunch and dinner are identical to the first day. For breakfast, baked apple with prunes is allowed: pour peeled apple and plums with hot water. During the three-day food system, it is forbidden to use: salt, sugar, tea and coffee, carbonated drinks, vitamins, alcohol, drugs.


For 5 days
There are several varieties of five-day detox diet for weight loss. The first is juicing, it is not a diet in its pure form, but it allows cleansing the body and finding an additional source of energy.

A further advantage of the program is convenience. No need to go shopping in search of exotic products. All fruits and vegetables are familiar. In this diet, 2 days are devoted to preparation, and 3 days to detox. During the day, you need to drink 8 glasses of pure water, and starting from the 3rd day – 800 ml of pure water and 800 ml of water with parsley, mint, lemon. (1, 2, 3)


Detox diet for weight loss


Menu five-day dieting

1st day (preparation)

Breakfast: Superkale smoothies (composition: kale, pear, hemp seeds, ginger, mint, cilantro, cucumber, pineapple, matcha).


Lunch: super shot smoothies 30 minutes before meals (composition: ginger root, half lemon, turmeric, cayenne pepper), vegetarian soup and vegetable salad.


Tea time: drink freshness (lemon, apple, carrot, cucumber, and ginger).

Dinner: salad seasoned with goat cheese.


2nd day (preparation)
Breakfast: Garden-garden smoothies (mango, broccoli, spinach, orange, banana, pineapple).
Snack time: super shot smoothies for 30 minutes before eating, green salad.
Lunch: frappe with beets.
Dinner: vegetarian pannacotta.


3rd day (detox)
Breakfast: Superfood smoothie, Antioxidant (pomegranate, banana, blueberry).
Lunch: on the menu of the 2nd day.
Bedtime: herbal tea.


4th day (detox)
Breakfast: Jugo Fly smoothies (spinach, coconut water, coconut pulp, apple, spirulina, chlorella, blueberries, hemp seeds).
Lunch: smoothies Avocado breeze (spinach, avocado, mint, pineapple, chia and cucumber).
Dinner: Drink Vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, celery, spinach, parsley).
Bedtime: herbal tea.



5th day (detox)
Breakfast: Superfood smoothie, Energizer (apple, ginger, keil, cucumber, pineapple, lemon).
Lunch: Smoothie Street Surfers (apple, cucumber, celery, lime, mint).
Dinner: Tequila smoothies (pineapple, avocado, cilantro, spinach, lemon, and salt).
Bedtime: herbal tea.
Intense detoxification at first may be accompanied by a deterioration of health (headache) and external negative manifestations (acne). Soon the state is normalized.


For 7 days
A weekly cleansing course hits three goals at once. It activates the process of cleansing the body, increases the body’s natural resistance to diseases and stimulates the brain. Detox diet for weight loss the type of diet, which should be followed 3-4 times a year, no more. (1, 2, 3)


The most difficult first day, since the regime is hard. However, if you comply with all the requirements, the detox process will begin the next day. After that, the number of calories consumed varies from 800 to 1300. A weekly meal plan will help you lose weight, and a menu with a high concentration of fruits and vegetables will delight you with vitamins.


1st day

Fasting day. Drink plenty of water and herbal teas. During the day, 3 glasses of juice unsweetened fruit or vegetables without salt, plus 600 g of natural yogurt.


2nd day
Breakfast: fresh fruit (during the week to change: apple, grapes, pear, mango, pineapple, grapefruit), 2 slices of whole grain toast, low-fat yogurt, 100 grams of nonfat milk or weak Indian black tea. This breakfast option will be all next week.

Lunch: kiwi, a mix of raw vegetables (iceberg, lemon juice, carrots, celery, beets), 150 g of stewed vegetables with olive oil. Herbal or weak Indian tea.

Dinner: 50 g blueberries and unsweetened muesli (100g) from 1 tbsp. orange juice, yogurt, tea.


3rd day
Breakfast: on the menu of the 2nd day.
Lunch: mango, 150 g mix of mint and cress, green onions, tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, chicory, spinach. Jacket potatoes with cottage cheese, green onions, and garlic, vegetable juice.
Dinner: natural yogurt with blackberries, blueberries and a spoon of honey. Roll from coarse flour with soft cheese (brie, camembert). Herbal tea.


4th day
This is a special “rice” day. In the morning cook 225 gr. dry brown rice – this portion is enough for the whole day. It is allowed to drink only water.

Breakfast: rice with 125 grams of baked apple with honey, cinnamon and lemon zest.
Lunch: steamed vegetables (175 g) (celery, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, leeks, broccoli, cabbage), rice.
Dinner: 75 grams of rice with dried apricots, raisins, pink grapefruit.


5th day
Breakfast: as in the 2nd day.
Lunch: apple, pear, 150 grams of lettuce (broccoli, carrots, green hands, purple and cauliflower, mange) sprinkled with 1 tsp. raisins and chopped brazil nuts. Peeled potatoes with spinach, garlic, nutmeg. Herbal tea.
Dinner: 75 g of cottage cheese with natural yogurt. Fruit mix (kiwi, pineapple, orange, grapes, blueberry, apple). Herbal tea.


6th day
Breakfast: identical to the 2nd day.
Lunch: banana, portion of salad (tomatoes, olives, red pepper, carrots, onions, cucumber, garlic, dill, cress) with lemon juice, walnut and tarragon sauce. One large jacket potato with French beans and chopped onions. Herbal tea.
Dinner: muesli (75 g) with lemon juice, grated apple, 1 tsp. honey and yogurt. 1 loaf of wholemeal flour with a piece of brie cheese. 1 loaf with honey. A cup of tea.


7th day
Breakfast: on the menu of the 2nd day.
Lunch: 150 g of lettuce (spinach, parsley, cress lettuce, celery, garlic, onion, basil, tomato), for sauce, take walnuts, olive oil, apple vinegar and 1 tsp in equal parts. Dijon mustard, sprinkle with sunflower seeds. 75 g boiled potatoes with baked trout, parsley, tomatoes, pine nuts. A glass of dry white wine.
Dinner: pink grapefruit, 2 poached eggs with 2 slices of whole-grain toast, buttered. Herbal tea.

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