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Colored diet for weight loss

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colored diet for weight loss

One of the most original, non-standard and light diets is the colored diet for weight loss. This diet offers a varied menu, which each makes up independently of products of the same color. And although its effectiveness is still contested by dietitians, the color diet is one of the most loved and sought-after, especially among women. And the speed of weight reduction depends not so much on the products as on the amount of food they eat and the level of physical activity.

Fundamental rules for color diet for weight loss

Color diet for weight loss will be much more useful if during it to adhere to the following recommendations and rules:

Eliminate from the menu fatty and fried foods, fast food, confectionery, pastries, sweet soda and juices from packages;

The color menu should include only naturally colored products, without the addition of various dyes;

To eat fractional, at least 5-6 times during the day and so that all the food for one meal fit on a small plate;

For quick slimming carbohydrates and fruits try to eat in the morning, and in the second – protein and vegetables;

The last meal during the diet should be no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime. Despite the fact that the colored diet for weight loss menu designed for a week, it can be repeated several times in a row – the body from such a diet will only benefit. It contributes not only to losing weight but also to overall sanitation.


Color ration for colored diet for weight loss

Another reason why the color diet for weight loss has won widespread popularity is that there is no particular menu for every day. The main rule is that during the day on the plate there should be products of the same color and the order of colors should remain unchanged. But the products of the color menu can be changed and chosen for your taste. Even the portion size is not strictly limited. But it is clear that if you still want to lose weight, then the size of the dish should be replaced with a smaller one.

Day 1. White products. This is an animal protein, which is a building material for muscles: poultry and fish, all kinds of milk, egg whites. And also vegetables and fruits: bananas, coconuts, white cabbage, and cauliflower. Welcome white porridge: rice, semolina, and white flour products. But remember the rules of the colored diet for weight loss: baking and sugar are also white, but on this day they do not have a place on the table!

Day 2. Products are red. Red fruits and berries contain many antioxidants and help get rid of excess cholesterol: red grapes, pomegranates, currants, cherries, cranberries. At the same time the red meat is one of its sources, therefore, although it is allowed today by a colored diet, it is not worth it to be zealous with it. But redfish can be eaten more – there are useful unsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6.

color menu color diet

Day 3. Products are green. First of all, they are an excellent source of chlorophyll, which cleans the blood, strengthens the immune system, restores capillaries and has an anti-cancer effect. Today in the should be all kinds of greens, cucumbers, green apples and grapes, zucchini, spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, sea kale, asparagus, young peas green onions. It is better to eat these vegetables fresh or cooked for a couple – so more vitamins will remain.

Day 4. Orange products. Mandatory citrus – they are the champions of the content of vitamin C youth and excellent cheer. Do not forget to add to the color menu apricots (or dried apricots), pumpkin, carrots, persimmons, peaches, melon, and mango. Fillet of salmon is also almost orange and will nicely complement the diet. It is a very energetic day, in which cheerfulness and a burst of vitality will be felt.

Day 5. Products of purple. They act somewhat depressingly on the psyche. But there is a plus – they significantly reduce appetite. Therefore, the purple day of the color menu will be pleasant unloading for the digestive system. Indeed, who could eat a lot of eggplants, plum or black currant? Only dark grapes can argue with this, but it is better not to forget about its calorie content.

Day 6. Products of yellow color. On this day, the choice of the color menu is again huge. Welcome egg yolks, corn, honey, all fruits, and vegetables are yellow, mustard and even beer (but natural and in small doses!). All these products give a sense of rapid saturation and are quite caloric. Therefore, it is important to remember the rule of small portions. It is better to increase the number of meals to 6-7 than to eat a lot at a time.

Day 7. A clean day. We actively cleanse the body of toxins and toxins and fat decay products. To spend it is necessary only on mineral water, which can drink up to 2.5 liters. Mineral water should be a dining room, non-carbonated and drink it in small sips, but often.

By the way, to enhance the effect of a colored diet for weight loss, some even plates and a tablecloth are selected of the same color. The most interesting is that with this increase, the appetite decreases and the food are eaten less.


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