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Chromium Picolinate – Review

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Chromium Picolinate - ReviewIf you believe advertising and reviews on the Internet, one of the supernatural means with which you can effortlessly lose weight is the biologically active additive Chromium Picolinate. This compound is a trace element of chromium and picolinic acid.


The main component of chromium picolinate is chromium. This critical microelement is involved in many processes in the body, which are vital, in particular, it is involved in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, and it also regulates blood sugar levels.


Deficiency of chromium affects the mood, performance, general apathy, insomnia, lethargy, and obesity. In turn, chromium picolinate helps to fill the lack of chromium in the body – it is often taken in the complex treatment of diabetes mellitus or in the state of prediabetes, to increase muscle tone, normalize metabolic processes.



Chromium picolinate can also be recommended for correction of depressive conditions, for the removal of the syndrome of unrestrained appetite. Thus, the influence on chromium insulin causes appetite suppression, reducing the craving for simple carbohydrates in the form of confectionery and sweets. This is often the main argument in favor of using this drug as a method of losing weight.

But the opinions of experts about the advisability of using chromium picolinate for weight loss vary. All of them agree in one that the drug is entirely safe, if not exceed the dosage, and confirm the ability of chromium to suppress the passion for sweet partially.


Chromium Picolinate - ReviewThus, when taking the drug is much easier to tolerate a diet for weight loss.  Also, the drug actually has no side effects. The drug Chromium Picolinate is prohibited only for pregnant and lactating mothers, as well as individuals with the individual intolerance to the components.


Defenders of Picolinate give specific recommendations for weight loss with the help of this tool: a diet for low-fat foods is indicated, a transition to a balanced diet is necessary, physical exercise will not be unnecessary.


Moreover, chromium picolinate not only helps to get rid of obsessive feelings of hunger but also improves efficiency, important activity. The activity allows you to enhance the shape with regular exercise. This is due to the conversion of fat folds into a muscle corset.


There are also doctors who put the miracle properties of the drug in doubt, and not even the features themselves, but the ability of the drug to ensure the result for a long time. As an argument, they cite the fact of “destruction” of the entire system after the cancellation of the funds. In their opinion, the body really makes up for the lack of chromium, but only for the period of intake, in parallel, there is a normalization of appetite.



But shortly after the drug has been discontinued, your body will begin to “rebel”: the habitual system, which allows you to restrain your appetite along with the craving for sweet pieces, is lost, and it will be difficult for you to resist various temptations. All the results achieved in a short time will be reduced to zero: your weight will return to the previous indicators.


Chromium Picolinate - ReviewAlso, the opponents of Picolinate argue that the lack of chromium can be replenished by consuming such foods that contain this trace element, that is beans, potatoes, broccoli, liver, radish, cheese, fish and seafood, bread from coarse flour.


As you can see, such food is not uncommon, and products rich in chrome are in the diet of almost every person every day. Therefore, opponents of this method of weight loss argue that there is no point in adding chromium.


We think that the truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle. Someone, this drug has done an excellent service in losing weight. Someone complains that there are no changes in his admission. Some chromium picolinate is called a lifesaver if you want to curb your appetite, others it could not help in the fight against cravings for goodies.


It is also difficult to say how your body will react to taking chromium picolinate. But still, the probability that this drug can do a good thing for losing weight, there is.

Chromium Picolinate - Review
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