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Chitosan weight loss – Review

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Chitosan weight loss - Review

Chitosan weight loss is a natural polymer produced from the shells of marine crustaceans. To obtain the powder used in medicine, dietetics and other industries, it is necessary to remove from the shells of the marine inhabitants a unique carbon compound – acyl, which is responsible for the rigidity of the shells of crabs, lobsters, and crayfish.


The higher the degree of purification, the more useful and safer chitosan is, therefore inexpensive preparations created on its basis are most often not wholly purified and pose a threat to human health.


Today, chitosan is used in a variety of areas – it is based on cosmetics, means for getting rid of toxins.


Chitosan weight loss: the principle of action.

The substance extracted from the shells of marine animals has a vast spectrum of action, but the use of chitosan weight loss allows the most important of them – the ability of molecules of a water-soluble chitin derivative to attract and remove particles of fat from the body.


This property was discovered a long time ago, but only at the end of the last century did it become possible to produce chitosan of such high purity that it could be used without fear as a tool to combat obesity.



Getting into the stomach, chitosan, under the influence of water, begins to increase in volume and turns into a mass, reminiscent of the consistency of the gel. Immediately after this, its molecules start to actively attract fat particles to themselves, thereby helping to reduce the calorie content of food and making it healthier. At the same time, the total weight of fat cells removed in this way exceeds the weight of chitosan molecules by 8-10 times.

In addition to the ability to remove fat from the body, chitosan weight loss also has high sorption activity, which allows it to attract and completely remove toxins from the intestine, acting like a sponge sweeping everything in its path. On a similar principle of a sponge eliminating slags, a diet on fiber is also based, which can be read in more detail in this article.


But the most essential and indisputable advantage of chitosan weight loss is that it does not enter into any reactions in the body, acting only and exclusively as an absorbent. Having absorbed the maximum amount of harmful substances in himself, he leaves the body naturally without a trace, without causing addiction and without affecting the work of specific body systems.


Chitosan weight loss - ReviewHow to take chitosan weight loss.

In order to cleanse the body, reduce the caloric content of food and reduce weight, chitosan weight loss should be taken as follows: half an hour before a meal, drink 1-2 capsules of the drug, squeezed it with a significant amount of liquid (preferably to choose for this purified water or mineral water with low salt content).


During the entire course, which may last one to two months, depending on the general condition of the body and the number of extra pounds, it is necessary to drink a sufficient amount of liquid – this is necessary to ensure that chitosan can increase in volume and produce the maximum amount of harmful substances.


Confirmed by scientific experiments, chitosan can attract and remove toxins and salts of heavy metals. This is why tablets are created on its basis for rapid detoxification in cases of severe poisoning or radiation exposure.


Chitosan weight loss and rational nutrition

So, the main property of chitosan is its ability to bind fat molecules even before their assimilation by the body. This is very important, because today in our diet fats prevail, although we often do not even notice them.



All fast food, fish and meat semi-finished products, industrial pastry (both yeast and yeast), mayonnaise, sweets, and sauces – consist of a large number of fats. But the worst thing is that these fats are not natural, but cheap substitutes, so-called trans fats.


Trans fats are the main enemy of a well-proportioned figure. Excess of such fats in our diet leads to the appearance of excess weight, a violation of metabolism, an increase in the body of “bad” cholesterol and free radicals.

As a consequence – the state of health worsens, and the body weight is steadily increasing. And this, in turn, leads to the development of many serious diseases, such as diabetes, abnormalities in the functioning of the digestive tract, cardiovascular system, etc.


Chitosan weight loss - ReviewA balanced ratio of nutrients in the daily diet:

15% – animal and vegetable proteins;
70% – complex (long) carbohydrates. This includes pasta and bakery products from durum wheat, as well as cereals. It is recommended to include products of this category for breakfast.


20% – the various fats necessary for the body. They take part in many metabolic reactions, protect the most fragile organs with a special coating, help absorb fat-soluble vitamins and minerals, promote the development of sex hormones and the overall development of the body.


It is proved that if the total amount of natural fats entering the human body does not exceed forty grams, then the process of smooth weight loss starts automatically. In this case, the diet can consist of different foods, and the weight will decrease precisely by consuming fat stores and not because of loss of muscle mass or fluid.


This method (limiting the number of fats, including with the help of chitosan) is considered the safest for health compared to hard diets, hunger strikes, the use of laxatives, emetic or diuretic drugs. Well, harm to the body of psychotropic medicinal plants or medicines is apparent.

Thus, you can not only lose weight but also get to the hospital for a long time, getting rid of the consequences of the “miracle” medicine. Also, the prices for chitosan are significantly lower than for other “slender” drugs.


Especially since diets, for example, are excellent in helping to lose weight by the required number of kilograms, but after removing all restrictions in food, weight, as a rule, returns and becomes even more than was before the start of the diet.


Experts say that this feature is due to the natural reaction of the body to reducing the amount of food: the fear of recurrence of such a catastrophe as a lack of calories makes the body in an enhanced mode to make reserves. Therefore, often even with a small amount of food after a diet, weight begins to grow rapidly.


Chitosan weight loss is a magnet for fats

Chitosan is often called a fat magnet, because it helps to prevent the occurrence of fat deposits, both on the internal organs and under the skin. In this case, the body begins to use the already available fat reserves to generate energy.


Also, chitosan is an excellent source of natural dietary fiber, also called fiber, and at the same time – a kind of biological filter that absorbs and removes toxic substances. Due to the unusual molecular structure, chitosan is more effective than fibers of plant origin.

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