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26 tips on how to lose weight without dieting

Looking for effective tips to lose weight? Perhaps you already sat on a diet, but it did not bring tangible results. We have prepared useful tips how to lose weight without diet, hunger, and moral fatigue.   The main problem of losing weight is that some people choose a pre-failure way to lose weight. The […]

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Weight Loss Tips For You – 7

Everyone wants to know fast weight loss tips to get rid of excess weight quickly, while many people have a question: “How to do it?”.   Of course, it would be great to drink a magic drink or a miracle pill and forget about the extra pounds forever. However, let’s be honest: without physical exercises and […]

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Weight Loss Tips For You – 6

  Lack of sleep increases the risk of gaining weight. If there is a shortage, the hormonal balance is broken – the hormones that regulate appetite are not working correctly. In the end, people always want to eat.   ****   Eat food from red plates. Proponents of this original advice argue that dishes of […]

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Weight Loss Tips For You – 5

The effectiveness of weight loss depends on age, sex, hormonal failures, diseases, individual characteristics of the body.Practice daily. Increase the load gradually. Before the exercise, warm up the muscles well.   After eating, do not exercise. For classes suitable for morning and evening time   Training should consist of several types of exercises. Repeat each […]

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Weight Loss Tips For You – 4

In fashion, short skirts and open dresses. Each woman thinks about the figure. According to nutritionists, to start losing weight, you need to revise food habits and give preference to healthy food.   Eat when there is a feeling of hunger. Learn to determine the real hunger.   Eliminate products that form fat. Potatoes, sweets, […]

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Weight Loss Tips For You – 3

Cut the calorie content of the diet to 1000-1200 kcal Low-calorie diet, practiced for a long time, usually slows down metabolism. This leads to the fact that the food is digested more slowly and a significant part of the calories goes to the “fat depot.” At the same time, the daily caloric value of less […]

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Weight Loss Tips For You – 2

Add strength training to cardio If you intend to lose more, you need to combine aerobics with strength training. Resistance helps to build up lean muscle mass, burning calories and keeping metabolism at a high level – this is especially important when the weight stops at an insufficiently small figure.   ***   Conduct high-intensity […]

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Weight Loss Tips For You – 1

 Adopt the fact that successful weight loss is 80% dependent on nutrition Of course, you can spend 24 hours in the gym, torturing yourself with complicated training, but if you eat french fries and fried bacon, there will be no result. Yes, physical activity plays a vital role in the process of losing weight, but, […]

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