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The Chicken Cookbook – 3772 Recipes

Chicken meat is loved and cooked regularly by many of us. It becomes the basis of the mass of different dishes, and useful addition to the daily menu.  Chicken meat includes a lot of protein and amino acids. And its caloric content is of an order of magnitude smaller than that of other types of […]

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The Blueberry Cookbook – 287 Recipes

  Blueberries – an unusual combination of tasty and healthy, that in our lives, you see happens not so often. In any condition, whether it is fresh or dried fruit – they contain many vitamins and many other trace elements, so necessary for people in the modern pace of life. Blueberries since ancient times styled […]

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The Beef Cookbook – 915 Recipes

Beef is the meat of bulls, heifers, cows, bulls, and oxen. The quality of their meat depends on the age, type of feed, content, and sex of the animal. Meat aging, that is, the process of meat ripening, as well as the stress that animals experience before slaughter, also largely determine the quality of meat. […]

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The Beans Cookbook – 2397 Recipes

Dietitians have long been talking about the incredible health benefits of beans. This kind of legume reduces pressure, increases hemoglobin, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, and also contributes to weight loss. Beans are dietary and medicinal products due to the mass of nutrients that make up its composition. It is the prevention […]

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The BBQ Cookbook – 179 Recipes

Meat on the fire can not get bored: a bright sauce, a light garnish, a combination of the aroma of smoke and spice excite all the receptors at once. The cooking process, in this case, is not just a process – it is a whole science, where any movement is honed over the years, the […]

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356 Asparagus E-Cookbook Recipes

If you want to lose a couple of extra pounds in the spring and take care of your body, then pay attention to the asparagus. After all, this vegetable perfectly burns calories and keeps the body in good shape.   In ancient times, asparagus was considered a delicacy and got on the table only to […]

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