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How to lose weight with cabbage soup / Cabbage diet

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How to lose weight with cabbage soup / Cabbage dietThe cabbage diet is very efficient and is ideal for cabbage fans who want to lose 10 kg of excess weight in 10 days while consuming their favorite dishes. In the process of losing weight, you can use cabbage of any kind – white, colored, Brussels, broccoli, kohlrabi.


The effectiveness of this technique is because cabbage of any kind is a low-calorie product that perfectly satiates and supplies a whole range of useful substances. The least energy value is white cabbage, especially in sauerkraut, as well as broccoli and color.


For quality weight loss, the following rules must be observed:

The daily caloric content of the diet should not exceed 700-800 kcal; the basis of the menu is cabbage, dietary meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, plant foods are also allowed;
from cabbage it is possible to prepare various dishes without the use of flavoring additives and fat; the consumption of 1,5-2L of pure water is mandatory. You can repeat cabbage diet after two months.


Many of those whose figure is far from ideal, justify themselves that they can not afford to sit on diets, they say, are products from the diet too expensive. However, there is a budgetary and time-tested nutrition program, with which it is realistic to achieve a result of minus 24 kg per month. It’s about a cabbage diet. On the cabbage diet, you can hear a lot of favorable reviews.


It is not surprising because this vegetable contains almost everything that is required for healthy life:

vitamins – B1, B2, B3, E, P, PP, H, carotene, provitamins D, and in the content of vitamin C cabbage surpasses even mandarins and lemons;
minerals – phosphorus, potassium, calcium, zinc, iron, aluminum, manganese;
amino acids – lysine, threonine, methionine;
fiber, pantothenic and folic acid.


Despite such a rich composition, white cabbage is a low-calorie product (25 kcal / 100 g). Therefore, you can eat it in any quantity and at the same time not be afraid that at the waist there will be extra centimeters.


Also, cabbage diet is suitable for:

inhibits the formation of tumors;
helps with diseases of the liver and kidneys;
relieves constipation;
has a softening effect on bronchitis and pneumonia;
normalizes fat metabolism;
struggles with digestive disorders;
removes slags.

How To Lose Weight With Cabbage Soup
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