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Barley diet for weight loss

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Barley diet for weight loss | How to lose weight fast The barley diet may seem tough enough and poorly tolerated by those who do not like barley. But barley is very useful, it is rich in vitamins A, E, D, B, calcium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, iodine. In addition, there is a mass of fiber, amino acids, and other essential elements.

Pearl barley is barley grains obtained after the first treatment when the grain shells are partially preserved. Barley diet, based on the use of barley dishes, serves not only to lose weight, but also to completely cleanse the body.

Barley Diet is a low-calorie mono-diet, it cannot be practiced for more than five days. Often this diet is used to reset a few pounds quickly. The barley diet is difficult to tolerate in the first days when hunger is especially painful, so you should first obtain the consent of your doctor to the barley diet because it can aggravate chronic illnesses.

The barley diet will be simple – mostly barley porridge. Keep in mind that pearl barley is boiled for a very long time, so you need to soak it overnight. Approximately a glass of barley you will need a liter of water. It is not necessary to soak a large amount of pearls, because the barley swells five times when cooked. If you have not soaked them in the evening, it’s okay, then you can pour it with boiling water in two hours.

For breakfast, you cook yourself porridge-spill in water and do not salt it. To make the right pearl barley porridge, boil the barley in water and cook for half an hour, then remove it from the heat and wrap it in a very warm one. Divide the finished porridge into several servings that you will eat. Using barley without additional spices, oil, salt is necessary. But the volume of portions is not limited.

Barley diet for weight loss | How to lose weight fastDuring the barley diet, you should drink plenty of water, green tea, herbal decoction. All this should be consumed without sugar. Before going to bed, you can pamper yourself with fat-free kefir. Obviously, this diet will significantly save you money, because barley is very cheap, and water is generally free.

With proper diet, you will say goodbye to a pound of fat every day. Remember that in the first few days your weight will disappear due to the fast removal of toxins from the intestines and the loss of excess water, and only then the fatty deposits will go away. The most important thing is to keep the barley diet to the end, otherwise, you risk to gain weight again.

Exit the pearl barley diet should be very careful, as abrupt dietary changes are fraught with strong shock to the body, as is the case with any mono-diets. Very wisely will those who even after the end of the barley diet will not give up the use of barley porridge once a day. It is possible to repeat a mono-diet on pearl barley, but not often, with a break in one and a half month.

There is a more easily tolerated pearl barley diet, it lasts a week, for which you say goodbye to 5-8 pounds of fat.

The menu looks something like this:

For breakfast – barley with grated apple or soaked prunes;

For lunch – also porridge, vegetable salad and a piece of boiled meat;

For dinner – cottage cheese with honey, kefir or yogurt, all low-fat. You can still water and green tea unsweetened.

Another option is a barley diet, called “light.” There is no hard menu and indisputable advice, what and when to eat. The basic rule is that barley should lead the diet and form its basis. Absolutely nothing can be fat and sweet, but you can put natural spices and seasonings in porridge. Before bedtime, you should eat very light food.

Barley diet for weight lossFree diet version.
This version of the barley diet has no strict restrictions on the menu. Therefore, you can add sauces, spices, herbs, and vegetables to porridge. Add variety to the menu of vegetable salads and fruits. Barley porridge can be stuffed with Bulgarian peppers with the addition of grated carrots, garlic, and onions.

You can make dietary cabbage without meat: the filling will be a mixture of barley, mushrooms, and onions. In general, there is where to show imagination. With this diet, you can drink mineral water, unsweetened juices and fruit compote from dried fruits without sugar, tea, herbal drinks, and coffee.

However, as with any diet, the free barley diet has limitations. First, in the number of servings should be restrained. Secondly, in the mandatory waiver of fatty foods, including meat. And thirdly, in the refusal of baking and all sweets, except dried fruit. You can eat a little-dried apricot, prunes, raisins – they carry the necessary glucose and stimulate the bowels. If you try to diversify the menu, then this diet can be followed for a long time without harm to the body.

Precautionary measures
As with any nutritional system aimed at losing weight, with a barley diet, there are precautions. First, you should consult with your doctor. If you have serious health problems, then it is better to choose a “free” pearl barley diet – it does not give a quick result, but will smoothly work the body. If you feel weakness, dizziness, fatigue, it is better to stop the diet.

After its completion, do not rush to completely remove this porridge from the menu – try to eat barley without salt and sugar for breakfast. Then the weight will not return. Barley mono-diet cannot be continued for more than five days, otherwise, you will harm the body. Barley diet can be resumed in a month.

Barley diet in all its variations is very effective, but you should treat it as you would for each mono-diet with caution so as not to harm your health.

Barley diet for weight loss
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