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Balanced diet weight loss

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Balanced diet weight lossA balanced diet is an essential component of a slim figure, well-being, and health of a person as a whole. Much to our regret, in our modern world the control over the food is far from everyone. I can say, even more, only a few control their balanced diet.


Why do people not control their balanced diet?

In the rhythm of modern life, one must be able to do everything, but, unfortunately, not every person gets it and often has to sacrifice the most expensive – health. One of the reasons for excess weight is a violation of diet. But most people do not take this cause seriously.


When my customers fill out a food test, almost every one of them writes that they do not have a specific place and time for food intake. Each has its own “important” reason, which prevents the control of food. People increasingly buy fast food and on the move throw themselves into a large number.


Every day we are under ruthless propaganda in various commercials, in films, about how you can miraculously snack on the go, in the car, at the computer, strolling down the street, etc. All this has a significant impact on people.



And this despite the statements of scientists that uncontrolled diet leads to various violations of the digestive system and psychological disorders. A dietician convincingly declares that if you have extra pounds in the first place, you need to pay attention to the diet. But people still ignore the importance of this issue.

Consider the main problems that emerge as a result of uncontrolled consumption of food. The main problem is the occurrence of harmful eating habits, which eventually lead to:

To excess weight;
To a disease of the gastrointestinal tract;
To metabolic disorders;
To violations of the immune and hormonal system;
To reduce stress resistance.


How do these terrible habits look in our daily life?

1. The habit of eating at the TV and computer screens.
2. Eating on the go on the way to work or while walking.
3. Eating in a cafe for a company, when not hungry.
4. Buy food on the stock and eat it in large quantities.
5. Skip breakfast and overeat in the evening and at night.
6. Use food as a remedy for stress and physical fatigue.
7. Biting of bad mood and boredom.



The balanced diet for losing weight looks like this.

Be sure to have breakfast in the morning is a pledge of good health and a slender body.


This is an opportunity to satisfy a natural hunger.
Between breakfast and lunch 3-4 hours pass, during which time the blood sugar level drops, and there is a feeling of hunger. There are thoughts about food ahead of time, but snacks help to cope with a slight hunger and at the same time give the opportunity to eat at the scheduled time. But the main snacks reduce the likelihood of overeating, which is an essential point in the diet of a thin person.


Balanced diet weight lossLunch.
At lunchtime, in the period from 12PM-3PM, there is an active process of producing enzymes involved in the processing and assimilation of food. At the same time, the human body as much as possible tries to get energy from food. Therefore, if the food does not arrive at lunchtime, the body accordingly slows down the metabolism and slimming also slows down.


Afternoon snack(another snack).
This snack allows not only to satisfy hunger but also prevents the desire to have supper.


This meal is no less important than all of the above, because it depends on the quality of sleep, overall health and speed of weight loss.


Advice on the organization of the balanced diet.

If you are overweight, first of all, pay attention to your diet and eating habits. Find out the reasons why you can not control your diet and find the right solution.

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