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Asparagus Cookbook Recipes

Asparagus ripens in April-May – it is one of the earliest vegetables. Perhaps this is the secret of its popularity. Recipes for cooking asparagus is not complicated but require accuracy. Asparagus is a different color: green, white, less often – purple. Coloring depends on the method of cultivation. Green asparagus grows like an ordinary vegetable in a garden; barely sprouted sprouts of white asparagus gently spud so that they do not fall into the light; and violet asparagus (or rather, its tops) becomes after the “sunbathing” – it is not immediately spud, allowing the gentle shoots to soak up the sun.¬†Asparagus is a versatile vegetable: it goes well with almost all products, with ham, tuna, even with peaches. Also, asparagus can be added to salads, meat, and fish.


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