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Asian diet

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 The Asian diet has 6 basic rules. 

Requirements of the Asian diet.


Asian diet

1. Use different cereals

According to the authors of the asian diet, brown rice is the most balanced of all cereals. Nevertheless, you should not eat only it. You need to include in the menu and oatmeal, buckwheat, quinoa, black (wild) rice.



You can eat rice every day, even every meal. The groats should be steamed or boiled in water, do not use oil and salt. As a seasoning use soy sauce and sesame seeds. One serving of finished rice is 80 ml. Before cooking unpolished and wild rice should be soaked overnight or at least for several hours, and then cook in water at a ratio of 1: 3 for about 45 minutes. Such cereal has a sweetish taste and a delicate nutty aroma. In addition to interesting taste qualities, this rice does not exactly create problems with the work of the gastrointestinal tract, in contrast to white.


2. It is better to eat cooked vegetables than raw

This recommendation is explained by the developers of the diet in that raw (especially cold) food requires the body to make efforts to heat it. And this slows down the process of metabolism, which can adversely affect weight loss. Boiled natural gifts can reduce the load on the digestive system, and the availability of useful biological substances contained in them, on the contrary, increase.

It is recommended to eat different vegetables practically at every meal. It is important that they are grown organically and preferably grow in your area. Fruits are also needed, but in smaller quantities than vegetables that have a low calorie content.


3. It is impossible to completely exclude foods rich in animal fats

The Asian method recommended eating chicken or turkey meat once a week, and red meat – once a month, with one serving should not exceed 100 g.  Always include fish and seafood on the menu daily, preferably for lunch and dinner.



4. Drink green tea every day

Green tea, the main drink of Asians, helps to accelerate the burning of fat tissue, improves the nervous system, reduces fatigue, increases bone density. Take the rule of at least one or two cups of this drink every day, but do not add sugar and other sweeteners.


5. Avoid excessive consumption of dairy products

Animal fats in large quantities are contrary to the principles of this diet. In addition, as the Asians believe, milk causes the appearance of harmful mucus in the body. Nevertheless, milk is a supplier of easily digestible calcium, which is necessary for our bones. Therefore, modern nutritionists advise 2 times a week to eat low-fat dairy products (kefir, yogurt, yogurt).


According to the developers of the Asian diet, milk casein can be replaced with products from soybeans (tofu, soy milk and cottage cheese, sprouted beans). Tofu is recommended to eat daily because of its low caloric content, high protein content and amino acids important for the body. Essential foods in the Asian diet are soy milk and soy sauce. Asian diet


6. Maintain a balanced diet

The authors of the Asian method claim that it is important not only to eat right but also to be in harmony with yourself and the world around you. To achieve the perfect form and good health, you need to remain in a positive mood, strive to achieve balance in your life, be internally satisfied and not get irritated over trifles.


Base your diet on the above products. Even in the menu, you should include algae, which are traditionally an indispensable component of most Asian dishes. Useful properties of algae increase with the use of them in the company of mushrooms, vegetables, apples.


Daily calorie on a diet should be 1200-1400 energy units. To eat it is necessary fractional 5 times a day, avoiding food pleasures shortly before going to bed. Portions of Asians measured with pialas, on average, their volume is 80-100 ml. But immediately over-trim the diet is also not necessary, listen to your body. If before you were full of serious portions of food, you do not need to sharply reduce their volumes.


So, when compiling the menu, consider that the portion is a bowl. For breakfast, you can eat a portion of rice, a serving of miso-soup or tofu, and drink tea. Snacks during breakfast-lunch and lunch-dinner are bananas, oranges, apples or other seasonal fruits, soy or coconut milk. In fruit salads, it is very good to add algae or sprouted soybeans.


For lunch and dinner, except rice, eat a portion of stewed or fresh green vegetables, fish or seafood (up to 90 g). Cooking food you need without salt. Replace it with soy sauce, spicy and spicy seasonings (pepper, curry, garlic, ginger, etc.). Seasonings will warm the blood, stimulate the appetite and help better assimilation of food.


Asian diet

In order not to attack the non-recommended methods of sweets, you can enter into the diet a variety of dried fruits, as well as natural honey.


Asian diet menu (sample)

Breakfast: rice cooked with sweet fruit or with a small amount of dried apricots; a glass of soy or coconut milk or a cup of green tea.

Snack: apple.


Lunch: miso soup with the addition of tofu and seaweed; stewed mushrooms and shrimp, seasoned with a small amount of soy sauce; green tea with lemon.

Afternoon snack: a glass of milk from soy; banana.

Dinner: steam fish; a couple of tablespoons of brown rice and boiled vegetables.


Contraindications to the Asian diet.
On an Asian diet in strict form, you can not sit during pregnancy and lactation. Children, adolescents and people of age are also shown a more diverse diet.
In general, any person who has any chronic disease should know the list of foods that he can not use or recommend. Therefore, when making the menu, think and consider your health.


Advantages of the Asian diet
The basic principles of the Asian diet are supported by modern nutritionists. Such food is suitable, first of all, for lovers of Asian cuisine who can not pass by a sushi bar or a counter with seaweed and seafood. The composition of the dishes proposed on the diet includes very delicious foods, the benefit of which for our body can not be overestimated. The menu of the Asian diet is balanced, in comparison with other methods of losing weight.


The organism from nutrition will receive many components necessary for it. The process of losing weight is a smooth pace, which is supported by most nutritionists and doctors. The diet provides weight stability in the future. Due to fractional nutrition during the diet, there is no acute feeling of hunger and metabolism is accelerated. This diet is an ideal choice for those who have allergies to eggs and milk, as well as for people with vascular diseases.


Asian diet

All the basic diets are very useful. Brown rice is rich in vitamins of group B, iron, phosphorus and zinc. And the content of vitamin B9 (folic acid), it is as much as 5 times that of its white “brother.”


B9 is responsible for our mood, often it is called – “a vitamin of good mood.” The amino acids present in the rice and complex carbohydrates provide the body with energy and help us to be more active.


The systematic use of tofu regulates the level of cholesterol in the blood of a person and promotes the excretion of dioxin that causes oncology. The use of soy milk is indicated for ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidney, gallbladder, for problems with the thyroid gland.


Rich in the content of macro- and microelements and algae. Earlier it was mentioned that the combination of algae with vegetables, mushrooms and apples enhances their useful properties at times. Inhabitants of the depths of the sea are excellent suppliers of iodine, which is so necessary for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.


Following the Asian diet rules will help you not only to lose weight, but also positively affect your health and well-being.

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