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Apple diet

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Apple dietThe English have a proverb: “Eat one apple every day, and you will forget about the doctors.” Apples contain minerals and vitamins necessary for the whole body. Apple diet will help you eliminate body fat, improve weight. It is also able to restore metabolic disorders and is often recommended for use by hypertensive patients, people with nephritis, with circulatory failure, and with renal insufficiency, with biliary diseases.


Apple diet, reviews of which speak only in a positive way, does not have to be respected for a week or several. You do not need to eat apples only, then not to get disgusted for them. To cleanse the body, improve it, get rid of 200 g of excess weight at one time, it will be enough to carry out a fasting day on apples once a week. You can even do this as needed or from time to time.



Preparing for an apple diet
In general, nutritionists recommend spending these days about 6 times a month, and it is advisable to prepare them in advance. You can also arrange an apple diet after a heavy holiday feast or the usual overeating. It is advisable to take a laxative on the eve of an apple diet for weight loss, for example, take senna herb preparations.

So you will enhance the discharge efficiency. If you decide not to go on an apple diet, but to arrange only one fasting day for apples, then you will need to eat some apples and drink unlimited quantities of water. Instead of water, you can drink green tea. If you eat something substantial on this day, then we can assume that you have not had an apple day. But this applies only to one unloading day of apples.


Apple dietApple diet menu

If you want to go on an apple diet for weight loss, then you can use dried black bread together with apples. Bread can be eaten only a little. The kefir-apple diet is also popular and is often recommended for use by pregnant women from toxicosis. Its essence lies in the fact that for each eaten apple you can drink half a glass of kefir. So you need to do 5-6 times a day.


For one such apple day, you will need at least 2.5 pounds of green apples, half of which should be baked, because baked apples contain a large amount of pectin, which is able to cleanse the body. The rest of the apples you can eat, as you like, it is desirable to do it 5 times. You can make this apple salad: peel 300 grams of apples, chop finely and mix with parsley root. Salad season with lemon juice, pepper, and salt to taste. And you can grate two apples on a grater, they should not be too sweet, season them with greens, onions and lean or dietary mayonnaise.


Apple diet can be carried out and on your own. For this, there are lots of recipes and methods. For breakfast, eat a grated apple, mixed with a glass of yogurt, oatmeal. Then, at the second breakfast, by 11 AM, you need to eat one raw apple, and for lunch prepare an apple salad with any vegetables. If during the day you have a feeling of hunger, then seize it with one apple. And for dinner, you will need to bake apples in the oven or eat apple salad. And if you want you can eat only raw apples. If the feeling of hunger is strong enough, then eat a piece of cheese in the amount of 100 g.



Sit all week on such a diet is not decided by many people, as well as those who just love apples. For such a diet there are no special recommendations, just need to specify the number of apples eaten per day. On the first day of the diet, you eat 2.5 pounds of apples, in the second 1.5, in the third 2.0, etc. By the end of the diet, this amount will also need to be reduced by 1 pound.


If you decide to lose a small amount of weight, then you will be able to eat as usual, only between meals to eat apples. And if you choose to adhere to a strict apple diet, reviews of which say that it allows you to lose weight from 10 pounds and above, then stick to the specified menu. Kefir-apple diet, like apple, cannot be used for some diseases of the stomach. If you have a stomach ulcer, then you can not eat sour apples, if gastritis, then vice versa.


Apple diet
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