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Acupuncture weight loss

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Acupuncture weight lossThe method of acupuncture weight loss has been around for about two thousand years. Acupuncture weight loss is the direction of Chinese medicine, aimed at normalizing metabolism and reducing appetite by affecting specific energy areas of a person.


Acupuncture weight loss is one of the common comfortable and affordable methods of combating obesity. Can insert needles for weight loss in the ears, stomach, legs.


The principle of acupuncture weight loss.

The doctor injects acupuncture needles under the skin with a thickness that does not exceed a millimeter. The length of the needles varies in the same way as the points they affect. Each point on the body is responsible for the functioning of a particular organ.


For example, in the eyebrow area, some points lead to the attenuation of pain in the stomach. During acupuncture weight loss specialist introduces needles to specific places. The process is almost painless. The whole procedure can last from half an hour to an hour. After this, it is recommended to rest for 15 minutes.



The number of sessions is individual. During the impact on the points, there is a restoration of metabolism, as well as a decrease in appetite. As a result, people start eating smaller portions. Hence, the stomach volume is reduced. In the future, the patient is already getting used to eating small portions.


Acupuncture weight loss also helps to cleanse the body of toxins, excess fat accumulation. Weight is reduced by removing excess fluid. After this event, it is recommended to give up fatty and high-calorie food, normalize the diet. The number of meals should be increased to six times. Physical stress contributes to the activation of the process of weight loss.

Acupuncture for losing weight: where to start?

This procedure is quite painstaking, requiring knowledge and accuracy. In this regard, the search for a real expert should be approached responsibly. The wizard will start the procedure only after a complete diagnosis. Acupuncture weight loss is aimed at points whose stimulation leads to a decrease in the feeling of hunger.


This method is suitable for healthy people who, through willpower, will develop new habits during sessions. If diseases provoke fullness, then a different approach is needed. During the hike to a specialist, be interested in what points will be involved, for which they answer.


Acupuncture weight lossTypes of acupuncture weight loss.

Classical acupuncture weight loss is the effect of needles on the legs and abdomen to activate the digestive system, the work of the kidneys and the liver. There is burning of fatty deposits, slags, excess liquid is removed, the functioning of internal organs improves, appetite decreases.


To achieve the result, ten to fifteen procedures are performed, during which up to 7% of excess weight goes. Losing weight continues after the course. You can repeat the classical method of acupuncture in a few months.


Introduction needles for weight loss in the ears by the technique of Faleev. A small needle 2 mm long is inserted into the point above the earlobe for a period of fifteen to thirty days. This point regulates the center of satiety and hunger. Before eating, the point is activated by pressing the needle at a frequency that is equal to the heart rate. This method gives an opportunity to overcome the appetite.

Introduction needles for weight loss in the ears by the method of Mukhina. The gold needle is put on the point on the ear, which is located on the goat. The top of the needle is covered with a lid, so from the outside, it looks like a decoration. This method reduces the feeling of hunger and burns fatty deposits. With such adornments go for half a year, but for an estimation of a state of health once a month it is necessary to be shown to the doctor.


How to achieve effective acupuncture weight loss?

Some reason always provokes excess weight. This can be an improper diet, a sedentary lifestyle, a metabolic disorder. With the first two reasons you can cope on your own if you take yourself in hand, but that’s the last reason to struggle hard.


Metabolic disorders can be caused by problems with the reproductive, endocrine, digestive systems. In this regard, it is essential to find the primary source of the issues, and not to work with symptoms.


First, you need to see a doctor and conduct a survey. As the reviews say, acupuncture weight loss effectively operates with a comprehensive campaign. If you approach the case wisely, then you need to work not only with the areas responsible for the appetite. After the examination, you may find diseases. When the doctor prescribes treatment, in parallel, you can look for a specialist for acupuncture, if this is not contraindicated.

Disadvantages of acupuncture weight loss.

As the reviews show, acupuncture for weight loss can bring some trouble. First of all, during the procedure, an infection can penetrate. Watch for sterility of used needles. Also, after and before the procedure, the skin should be disinfected. Inflammation can begin in places that come into contact with clothing.


If your skin is sensitive, then the damaged area should be covered with a bandage or cloth. Judging by the reviews, acupuncture for weight loss can lead to faster regeneration and metabolic processes. At first glance, it seems that the activation of metabolism is the cherished dream of a complete person.


But, on the other hand, after this process, “chronic” or “sleeping” diseases can “surface.” Dangerous are situations when a person with a precancerous condition comes to the sessions. So, be attentive to your health and body. Only then you will achieve positive results!

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