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A balanced diet

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A balanced dietA balanced diet is one of the most effective and, most importantly, safe diets today. With any excess weight, sometimes it is enough to balance the diet and give up the most harmful and high-calorie foods – and health will gradually return to normal.

For a person who wants to lose weight, a normal calorie with a balanced diet will be 1200 calories per day. If you are actively involved in sports, you can increase the amount of energy consumed up to 1600 calories, but you can only add additional morning food, and preferably protein foods.

To comply with the norms of proper nutrition and fast weight loss on a balanced diet one should not abandon any natural products, but fatty and high-calorie foods should be replaced with fat-free ones, and factory sweets and baking should be completely abandoned.

Add extra vegetables to your diet, minimize the amount of meat, first of all – red and fatty foods, replace the fried foods with boiled and baked ones. The main plus of a diet with a predominance of vegetables, sea fish and low-fat dairy products – cleansing the body. Starting to eat meals based on these components, you fill the intestines with fiber, which accelerates its motility and toxins, as well as useful microflora.

In addition, in fruits and vegetables, there are a lot of vitamins and trace elements, without which the body can not function properly. Proved that a balanced diet significantly reduces the risk of cancer and atherosclerosis. Such a diet provides almost one hundred percent guarantee of protection against stroke and ensures longevity.

For urgent weight loss, however, it is not very suitable: a week with a balanced diet, you can lose up to 5-8 pounds, depending on the initial weight, but such results are not achieved in the first week of a new way of eating. The first days after the abandonment of harmful products can be difficult, so in advance, develop for yourself safe and healthy options for replacing sweets and favorite harmful treats.

Effectively balanced diet
In the diet of losing weight must be protein foods – kefir, low-fat cottage cheese, soft cheese, as well as sea fish and dietary meat. They are better than vegetables saturate the body and help digestion. In your menu, you must have all the components of a balanced diet, but the amount of fat should be reduced to a minimum.

Do not exclude from your diet cereals and legumes: this is the main source of vegetable protein. However, they should be consumed moderately, mainly in the form of cereals, but the bread will have to be abandoned. If you choose a balanced vegetarian diet, you can afford sweets to increase the blood levels of the hormone serotonin (the joy hormone).

Choose low-calorie sweet foods – marshmallows, natural marmalade, bitter chocolate. You can cook sweets on your own – pay attention to the raw food fruit cooking and curd casseroles or diet cheesecakes with the addition of cocoa, raisins, honey. If you work a lot, it will be difficult to keep a balanced diet, because when calculating calories it is not easy to achieve diversity and it takes longer to cook.

In the warm season it is easy to make fruit or vegetable snacks during the day between main meals: for example, eat a few carrot sticks, a handful of berries or a pear. And do not forget – no diet will be useful if you always feel hungry or feel ill health after a week of a new lifestyle. In this case, you need to contact a gastroenterologist and a nutritionist.

A balanced diet for weight loss: weekly menu

The dishes described below can be assembled and replaced; we offer you only a small assortment of dietary dishes from low-fat meat, fish, vegetables, eggs and milk that exist in world cooking. When cooking, avoid frying in sunflower oil, buy non-stick dishes or cook in the microwave, bake dishes.

Salads are also not recommended to fill with oil, in extreme cases – choose the most useful types of vegetable oils. Try to give up potatoes and white rice. Remember that sauces provide the main calories in salads: replace factory mayonnaise and tartar with homemade soy sauce, low-fat sour cream or yogurt dressings. Do not forget to add spices and herbs – let your balanced diet for a week be tasty!

Breakfast: small loaf with boiled egg, cucumber and lettuce, yogurt or kefir.
Lunch: 200 ml of vegetable soup, for example, from cauliflower, or fish broth, 1 crispbread from rye flour, 200 g of green salad with various fresh vegetables
Dinner: 150 grams of boiled unpeeled rice, grilled vegetables with salmon, or “hard” egg.

Breakfast: a couple of “cool” eggs, a piece of tuna, a loaf with soft cheese and tomato.

Lunch: 200 ml of oxalic soup with egg, cabbage salad with carrots and greens, a few kiwis.

Dinner: a cup of stewed beans in a tomato, a piece of boiled chicken breast, 2 rye loaves

Breakfast: 150 g of cottage cheese casserole or low-fat cheesecake.

Lunch: Japanese soybean-based miso soup with tofu and eel, 150 g stewed vegetables, grapefruit.

Dinner: mushrooms stewed in low-fat sour cream with vegetables.

Breakfast: 150 g (3-4 spoons in the dry form) buckwheat, one tomato, a glass of kefir of zero fat content.

Lunch: Stuffed Rice with Stewed Vegetables, Chicken Mince and Mushrooms Peppers, Apples or Berries

Dinner: green beans with tomatoes and walnuts

Breakfast: 100 g of oatmeal with berries and a teaspoon of honey, a glass of low-fat yogurt, 1 small banana.

Lunch: a salad of carrots, apples, and celery with spices and lemon juice, baked salmon in a yogurt-spinach sauce.

Dinner: vegetable and asparagus casserole with low-fat cheese.

Breakfast: 100 g of cottage cheese with honey and berries, 150 ml of yogurt.

Lunch: 200 ml of lean borscht, 100 g vinaigrette with mushrooms, an apple or other fruit.

Dinner: 150 g of cauliflower, baked in egg with greens, kefir.

Breakfast: 150g barley or corn porridge, unsweetened low-fat yogurt, a pair of pears or apples.

Lunch: 150 grams of rice with vegetables, 100 grams of fish stew, tomato juice, preferably without salt.

Dinner: 250 grams of vegetable stew (it is advisable not to add potatoes).

Nutritionists offer different options for a balanced diet. The main thing in any method of such safe weight loss is to use all types of products in small quantities, eat small portions five times a day and eliminate high-calorie foods from the diet.

A balanced diet
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