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20 best products for the ketogenic diet

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20 best products for the ketogenic dietThe ketogenic diet is now quite popular. Doctors and nutritionists, it causes an opposite reaction. However, some studies confirm its effectiveness. There is the reason to believe that a ketogenic diet helps control hunger and improves metabolism.


If you want to get such an effect, try to stick to the fundamental principles that involve ketogenic nutrition. First of all, the essence of the diet – in the ratio: carbohydrates should be no more than ten percent of all consumed calories, up to twenty-five percent should be obtained from protein and the rest – from fat.


If you choose products according to this principle, your body will go into the regime of ketosis – the metabolic process, in which it uses fat as an energy source. It begins only when the glucose stores are depleted. Simply put, you need to completely abandon sugar and most carbohydrates, eating foods high in fat. If you are not sure what you can eat, this list will help you. It got the most useful products, with which it is easy to stick to ketones.


Avocado is the ideal product for ketogenic because it has a lot of fat and no carbohydrates and sugar. Just do not combine it with chips or bread. To adhere to the principles of diet, eat avocado with salad, bake with egg or add to the garnish to the morning scrambled eggs and bacon. This product will help you to strengthen health and make it easier to make a ketogenic diet.


Walnuts are an outstanding source of fat and protein, which makes them an excellent choice for any diet. A high-fat content and a complete lack of sugar allow ketogenic to consume them on an ongoing basis. Use them for a snack, add to salads and other dishes.


Almond is another excellent source of protein, which is suitable for a ketogenic diet. The combination of fat, protein, and fiber is an ideal trio that helps cope with hunger and get rid of cravings for harmful food. Use nuts as the best option for a snack during the day, it’s convenient and satisfying.

You can cook puree from cauliflower instead of potato or use it as rice – this is the optimal replacement for any starchy foods. You only need two grams of sugar per serving so that you can eat cabbage without any fear. This versatile product can be a part of the diet every day.


Omelette, hard-boiled, poached, scrambled eggs – there are a vast number of varieties of eggs, and they are all suitable for ketogenic nutrition. For one egg comes only one gram of carbohydrates and a decent amount of fat and protein, so include this product in your diet more often, this is a suitable option, even for a snack.


The appetizing texture of mushrooms makes them one of the most popular products. Also, they have little sugar and carbohydrates, which is ideal for people who adhere to the ketogenic diet. Mushrooms are quite versatile so that you can use them in a variety of different recipes.


Coconut oil.
This tropical product has received a controversial reputation in recent years, but for the ketogenic diet, coconut oil fits precisely. You can use it as a salad dressing or bake a steak with it. Anyway, this is the best choice – but eat in moderation, because in this product there are saturated fats.


Cheese cheddar.
Hard cheeses with ketogenic diet are more suitable choices than soft ones like goat or feta. Do not be afraid to add a few slices of cheddar to your burger without a roll. You can choose other types of hard cheese.

Bacon Diet, in which bacon is allowed, may seem fictional, but this is a reality. In bacon, zero carbohydrates and no sugar, so you can enjoy this product at any time of the day.


Almond oil.
Try to eat this oil instead of peanut butter, if you want to minimize the use of carbohydrates. The same amount of peanut butter contains two additional grams of carbs and fewer beneficial monounsaturated fats. Use almond oil for a snack, add it to dishes – this appetizing product is suitable for different options.


Salmon Fish is a favorite product with many diets, and the ketogenic diet is no exception. Buy quality wild pink salmon, and not a white variety – it’s fish from the farm, which is less useful because of reduced nutrient content.


Spinach Leafy greens have fewer carbohydrates than other products. This can be called a serious plus for those who adhere to a ketogenic diet. Also, spinach is rich in iron, potassium, and fiber, which brings excellent health benefits. Do with spinach salads, add it to soups, use as a garnish in a stewed form.


Macadamia nuts.
Try these tropical nuts if you are tired of eating almonds. In macadamia nuts, the same low level of carbohydrates, also, they have a high concentration of vitamin A and magnesium. This appetizing product perfectly diversifies your diet.


In beef, there are no carbohydrates and more fat than white meat. Beef stuffing – the optimal source of protein in the ketogenic diet. Choose organic beef, because it has a higher concentration of nutrients – vitamin A, vitamin E and healthy fats omega-3. This will allow you to strengthen your health.


Olive oil.
Useful fats should be part of a balanced diet, with keratopathy they occupy a central place. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fat, necessary for the heart, as well as vitamin E, which makes this product one of the best. Use it for baking vegetables or for dressing in salads.


Tomatoes are an excellent source of lycopene. It is a substance with tremendous benefits for the heart. According to a recent study, increased use of lycopene helps reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular disease. After cooking, tomatoes become even more useful, so use them in dishes.


Oil Gee.
Do not know this fatty product? Gee is refined oil, which is widely used in Indian cuisine. In this product, not only fat – gi contains and fat-soluble vitamins A, E, and D.

Brussels sprouts.
These small heads of cabbage are an ideal product for autumn and winter. You can diversify their diet on the ketogenic diet. Brussels sprouts are full of nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin K, folic acid, and phosphorus. Do not be afraid to eat it more often.


Asparagus is a low-carb product, which you should try to include in your diet, whether ketogenic or not. These stems are rich in glutathione, a substance that helps fight cancer. Studies have shown that the use of glutathione helps protect cells and stabilize health.


If you love coffee, you can rejoice: on the ketogenic diet, this product is allowed. Bad news? Both sugar and milk are excluded. If you can not imagine how to drink coffee without any additions, try adding coconut oil and cream. This is a favorite drink recently, and it will benefit your body.

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